Property Management


Property Management is an integral part of J Wallace & Associates business. We are really good at property management for one simple reason; we are also property owners! We manage all of our client properties as if we actually owned them. We understand that effectively managing properties takes time and attention to detail. Successfully keeping tenants happy, timely and informed, requires proactive management. We regularly communicate with our owners and tenants to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that the partnership is positive.

In addition to superior communication with our partners, we offer in depth knowledge of the physical side of maintaining property. We hate to keep repeating ourselves, but we must, we build manage and maintain all of our own properties and have successfully done so for many years. From large to small, our staff keeps close tabs on all of our properties and regularly visit with the business owners occupying the buildings. By staying in touch, we are better enabled to proactively manage customer needs and balance them appropriately with the goals of the property owner.

If you are looking for that personal touch, for a telephone to be answered when you call, for solutions instead of problems, look no further. J Wallace & Associates provides unparalleled local service to property owners and business owners and our track record speaks for itself. If you want further information or references from one of our many happy customers please contact us. We are confident you will be impressed with what you hear and delighted with the follow through.

J Wallace & Associates, an Essential Real Estate Company!